Have a Leaking Water Heater?

A leaking water heater is a common issue in many households and can lead to significant water damage if not addressed promptly. One of the primary signs of a leaking water heater is the presence of water around the base of the unit. This can be caused by various issues, including a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, loose drain valve, or even tank corrosion. Homeowners may also notice moisture or condensation on the exterior of the tank, which could indicate a small, undetected leak. Another key sign is the inconsistent water temperature, suggesting internal problems. It’s crucial to regularly check the area around your water heater for any signs of leaking, dampness, or rust, as these can be early warnings of a larger issue. If you suspect your water heater is leaking, contact Vaquero Plumbing immediately to diagnose and repair the problem, preventing further damage to your home and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your water heater.